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About Tripple K Security Services

MOTTO: To Guard and Preserve. VISION: To be the best security company in the region

A little something about us and our locationTripple K Security is located at Kaka Hse. 1st Floor,Race Course Road. We offer the very best of security services. We make available the technology that keeps our clients safe, irrespective of where in the country they may be. Yes, crime is increasing worldwide, that's a fact, but in Kenya, it has reached epidemic proportions. Being sharp and aware that you could be a victim simply has to become second nature in every one of us.At Tripple K Security, we do not give our customers a false sense of security. Instead, we go the distance of advising customers how to make the most out of the security mechanisms we implement for them.

Our goal is to secure your business or HomeOurs is to provide you with peace of mind from wherever you are. We install CCTV for homes so that you can see all is okey even from your holiday home. Don't be a crime statistic. Give us the opportunity to secure business. Don't risk your life checking out your business when your alarm goes off.
We realize the importance of protecting security from within too. We know it can be frustrating when an installer finds that machines have been tampered with resulting in video footage not being found; the video footage may have been lost due to bad signal or a system crash. We take precautions in all installation to make it very hard to lose valuable security evidence.

Our RecommendationWe recommend surveillance equipment that includes tamper-proof features like watermarking pictures to protect footage, allowing peace of mind of any foul play of video footage.


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Electric Gates

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To guard and protect
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Our Approach :

Our independent local units are a strong base for the entire organization, one that is flexible and customer-oriented.

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We provide specialized service to clients on a national and regional basis. If you require services for your unique industry needs, we have the expertise to assist..

Main Staff :

Operations: Mr. Kamau Gachora, Administration: Mrs wangari Kariuki, Accounts: Don Ming'ate.

Board of Directors :

Mr. Paul Kiroba, and Mr. Steve Kimundi